Inter Western College or university of Puerto Rico Guayama University

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step one Inter Western College out of Puerto Rico Guayama University Label V Cooperative Project Possessive Nouns and you will Possessive Adjectives Prof. Marisol Piazza Aguirre

2 Recommendations Make use of this button to go to another location slide. Use the following the buttons so you can browse through this component: Utilize this button to go to another location fall. Utilize this key to move on the previous fall. Utilize this button to move on past seen slide. Use this option to gain access to the answer to the new exercise.

step three Goal Which module proposes to expand the essential training training factors away from English within the Name V Collaborative Investment: “Improving Informative Effects By way of a teaching Founded Consortium Program into Core Training”. Your panels is actually included because of the Pontifical Catholic College from Puerto Rico for the Ponce from which it is led, the brand new Arecibo, puses, the school regarding Vinyl Arts regarding Puerto Rico and you may Inter American University off Puerto Rico, Guayama University.

4 Inclusion An important experience a keen ESL (English while the a moment Language) college student will be grasp to communicate effectively in English by mouth too as with composed form ‘s the the means to access Possessive Different Nouns and you will Possessive Adjectives. Which module was created for all youngsters however, specifically to you youngsters who are joined regarding earliest English while the an additional Language We GEEN 1101 path. Within this module you’ll study and you can opinion the guidelines and types of how to use Possessive Types of Nouns and you will Possessive Adjectives precisely.

5 Objectives Standard Purpose: By the end on the module, the fresh new beginner will develop trust and you will have indicated studies playing with Possessive Versions away from Nouns and Possessive Adjectives within the oral and composed setting according to your laws and regulations showed. Particular Goal: At the end of which component, brand new college student will discover ideas on how to setting Possessive Nouns as well as how to utilize Possessive Adjectives correctly within the oral along with created mode to exhibit control and you will dating.

6 Pre-Sample Rules: Discover for every single take action meticulously and select the best respond to. ___ step 1. ____ vehicles is within the automobile mechanic shop. (A) Bobs (B) Bob’s (C) Bobs’ ___ dos. My personal ____ sibling is my aunt. (A) mother’s (B) moms and dads (C) mothers’ ___ step 3. Essentially inside a married relationship, the new ____ skirt try light. (A) brides’ (B) bride’s (C) brides ___ 4. A: Whoever portable so is this? B: It is ____ portable. (A) Anas (B) Anas’ (C) Ana’s ___ 5. The latest ____ presents are on the center dining table in the lobby urban area. (A) guests’ (B) guest’s (C) subscribers

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eight Pre-Take to ___ six. Ronnie’s dog are amicable. ____ dog is also most obedient. (A) Him (B) He (C) His ___ eight. A: Can you eg Adriana’s date? B: Yes, I do. ____ sweetheart is a very humble gentleman. (A) Her (B) She (C) Hers ___ 8. My friends and i do ____ college or university projects with her. (A) you (B) our very own (C) ours ___ nine. The dog wags ____ tail in the event it sees restaurants. (A) their (B) it’s (C) its’ ___ ten. Both you and Elena need sign ____ PELL Offer files. (A) your (B) your’s (C) the

8 Pre-Attempt ___ 11. A: Are you aware of ____ natives? B: Zero, but I read he could be troublemakers. (A) Luis’s (B) Luis’ (C) Solutions Good and B is actually correct ___ 12. The fresh ____ are produced from cedar timber. (A) kitchen’s cabinets (B) shelves of your kitchen (C) kitchens cabinet’s ___ thirteen. A: Preciselywhat are the ____ names? B: Its brands was Brighton hookup bars Gabriela and you will Jonathan. (A) childrens (B) child’s (C) childrens’ ___ fourteen. My ____ beauty shop is often complete. (A) sister-in-law’s (B) sister’s-in-legislation (C) sister-in-laws’ ___ 15. ____ beach home is an excellent spot to settle down and have fun. (A) Kathy’s and you will Robert (B) Kathy and you may Robert’s (C) Kathy’s and you may Robert’s