Contour 1 Shipment from grown native potatoes from the Andean part away from Ecuador having fun with DIVA GIS 7

5 (passport research out of series within the 70s and you can eighties). A) Potato landraces shipping within the Ecuador. The research portion chosen for it analysis provided: B) Province from Carchi (northern of the nation), C) Province out of Chimborazo (main area of the country) and D) Province of Loja (southern of the country).

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The earlier potato collection missions regarding seventies and you can eighties yielded more than eight hundred accessions away from Ecuadorian potato landraces. These products incorporated 82 accessions away from Carchi, thirty-five regarding Chimborazo and you may 41 from Loja. But not, historically, accessions have been shed and simply 91 Ecuadorian potato landraces remained maintained ex situ at the time the initial range circumstances to own this study had been performed in 2006.

Because the carried out in the earlier stuff, we searched the brand new cantons Espejo, Mira, Este Angel, Huaca, Montufar, San Gabriel and Tulcan inside the Carchi; Chunchi, Colta, Guamote, Guano, Penipe and you may Riobamba in the Chimborazo (this new canton Alausi was included in this range, although not on seventies-eighties collection), and you can Gonzanama, Loja and you may Saraguro within the Loja. The latest stuff accompanied the strategy currently utilized by INIAP or any other gene financial institutions ( Castillo and you may Herman, 1995 ). The latest growers was indeed informed of your purpose of this study and you may they wanted to supply the product into collectors. As there is no details about the individual producers which were decided to go to regarding the range missions in the 1970s and you will mid-eighties, guidance was gained in almost any mi-crocenter getting producers holding “old potato landraces”, towards the presumption this snowball approach manage send some suggestions towards latest proprietors of landraces. The fresh new research out-of landraces wasn’t limited to escort services in Houston those currently said, but for all the readily available old landraces. After event a specific landrace, various other landrace with the exact same term regarding some other character within the an identical canton are discarded. Landraces was in fact only compiled when the morphological physical appearance try (slightly) different from brand new word landrace. The range was an example of five to help you 10 tubers. After each range travels, new potato products was in fact delivered to the latest INIAP-Santa Catalina Experimental Station in Quito to possess propagation and you can comparison.

To collect information about on the-farm potato conservation regarding the three browse parts, a survey having thirty-two questions try waiting (Appendix 1). 50 (50) farmers were picked during the for each and every lookup city. Initial, every farmers you to provided germplasm was questioned. Upcoming, these types of farmers had been asked to suggest most other potato producers in the urban area which were currently increasing potato landraces otherwise was actually growing him or her previously. In the picked facilities, the brand new interview was finished with often men or women, according to accessibility.

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Three you to-all day long farmer conferences was indeed arranged in for each and every browse town: one in Tenta-Loja (), additionally the past one in Pisicaz-Chimborazo (). This type of conferences had three expectations: step 1. to add producers having viewpoints from the surveys, dos. so you’re able to explain a few of the issues that emerged on the interview, 3. to return landraces obtained for the per data town for the farmers. Most of the farmers involved in the range and you can questionnaire process was in fact welcome.

All of the suggestions regarding studies is actually canned within the Excel databases and exported so you’re able to SPSS 15.0 for analysis (SPSS Inc., USA). Descriptive analytics and you can bi-variate correlations (Pearson, two-tailed) was in fact accomplished.

The fresh snowball techniques used to come across farmers preserving potato landraces is actually energetic. The fresh producers in the for every location pointed out almost every other farmers which have specific landraces. After studying every potential growers throughout the portion with landraces, except during the Chimborazo where much more farmers had landraces in their industries, more landraces have been traced for collection. In the basic visit to Carchi, 14 accessions away from potato landraces were obtained about Montufar canton. The next travels later on that seasons extra another 38 landraces. To have Chimborazo, INIAP-CIP held a portfolio objective in early 2006 to help you a few cantons: Colta and Guamote. During the time, 46 landraces was accumulated. A subservient collection done in 2008 various other cantons (Guano, Penipe, Rio-bamba, Alausi and you can Chunchi) lead to 16 brand new landraces. In the Loja, while in the , sixty potato landraces was basically accumulated. A maximum of 174 landrace accessions was in fact compiled away from 17, 28 and 30 farmers during the Carchi, Chimborazo and you may Loja, correspondingly. Growers increasing potato landraces had been scarcer within the Carchi and distribute when you look at the Loja (and consequently harder to get), during Chimborazo all of the growers (such as the local communities) kept dated landraces within industries.