Just like the detailed more than, i made use of data of four surf (2010–13) of the ENCV, a nationwide associate house questionnaire

We restricted the attempt so you’re able to homes you to contained one person possibly entitled to the application predicated on age and household’s get towards System out-of Identity away from Public Program Beneficiaries (SISBEN), a network included in Colombia to determine eligibility getting societal interests apps. thirty six In that several months, because the listed over, ladies must be at the very least age 50-several and you may men must be at the very least years fifty-7. Homes when you look at the membership step 1 and you may 2 of your own SISBEN directory (members of impoverishment) was potentially entitled to the program, add up to nearly fifty percent of all people in you to decades category. Using all the eligibility conditions lead to a sample from 22,297 probably eligible home.

Fitness Steps

I made use of the adopting the four actions of health and health care play with for which data were in the brand new ENCV: self-ranked all-around health (as the a binary indication identifying “decent,” “an excellent,” otherwise “typical fitness” from “bad wellness”), self-claimed illnesses (problems, crash, dental care disease, or other health issue you to don’t include hospitalization in going back 30 days), dong individuals who said one health issues, and hospitalization in earlier times a few months.

Socioeconomic Status And you may Program Contribution

The SISBEN index (type 3), ranging from 0 (lowest) so you can a hundred (highest), measures socioeconomic standing. It’s a good adjusted realization rating out-of traditions conditions that are examined of the a comprehensive house survey. Loads is actually remaining confidential to quit control. Ergo, SISBEN directory score to have professionals on ENCV was in fact calculated of the the brand new national mathematical institute at all of our request, in line with the participants’ questionnaire responses.

Our fundamental separate adjustable try a binary indication one captured whether or not any member of a given home obtained Colombia Gran pros.

Handle Details

Market handle parameters provided age, gender, relationship position, variety of potential beneficiaries as well as minors from the domestic, and you can high academic level reached.


To help you account fully for potential reverse causation between health and receipt away from a personal pension, i made use of an important parameters strategy, using an identification approach one cheated the huge type into the rollout rates of your program round the municipalities. The instinct trailing this process is based on the idea one the applying was oriented all over the country as opposed to prioritization (such as for instance, considering mediocre incomes) https://datingmentor.org/italy-disabled-datin/ certainly municipalities. But not, the rate where the program try rolling aside differed considerably ranging from municipalities (display step 1). Given that things about these variations are probably manifold, while the the application form was initially hidden, its adoption is likely passionate to help you a huge the total amount of the governmental have a tendency to and personal-system outcomes. 37 Because move-away may have been systematically about unobserved functions affecting the fresh new procedures and you may outcome variables, particularly aggregate fitness consequences, these variations is actually in person subject to the usage of local government-top fixed outcomes and you can an extensive selection of individual-level regulation.

So you’re able to empirically grab differential rollout across the municipalities in terms of the portion of possible eligible individuals in reality acquiring the application form, we built two variables (you to definitely for the municipality top and another towards sandwich–local government amount of aggregation-that is, disaggregated from the whether a household stays in an excellent town chair, more urban setting, otherwise a rural area), which we used due to the fact tool to predict whether a qualified house obtained Colombia Mayor. Using a three-phase important variables method, i produced models each benefit of the regressing per benefit adjustable towards the indication that seized system acknowledgment at the family peak and included fixed effects to have local government and you may 12 months including covariates (pick on the web appendix showcase A1 for much more home elevators the methods). 38